Live Sound

Live Sound

Do you need live sound production? Whether you need a soundman to run the show or the entire P.A. system, Luxuryville can turn your show into a sonic event! Our live sound system is adequate for small events up to 500 people.

  • Mackie 1604VLZ 16 channel, 4 bus mixing console
  • 400W Crown Stereo Amplifier
  • JBL Speakers
  • Lexicon MP500 fx processor
  • TC Helicon fx processor
  • BBE 442 Sonic Maximizer
  • 15-band graphic EQ
  • 3 Monitors
  • Shure Microphones


  • $35/hour for soundman
  • $85/hour includes p.a. rental, setup & soundman

You can even record the show! Please call for details.