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  • 03Feb 2018

    Algorhythm Trio @ Wash Park Grille Denver, CO

Triptych ep

  • Release date: 2014-01-28
  • Label: Luxuryville

  1. 1

    Butterfly Triptych ep

  2. 2

    Witchhunt Triptych ep

  3. 3

    Impressions Triptych ep

  4. 4

    Stolen Moments Triptych ep

    Stolen Moments

Triptych ep features six well known jazz favorites, arranged in various styles to give the listener a taste of what the band can do.  The standout track, “Butterfly” is a Herbie Hancock classic performed with patient, well-restrained energy.  Two notable alternate arrangements include a rock-a-billy “Witchhunt”, and an afro-beat styled “Impressions”.  Bass fans will enjoy Dion’s melodic solo in “Stolen Moments”.

With the over abundance of semi palatable jazz that has seemed to infiltrate today’s music scene, Algorhythm Trio add both color and intensity to today’s musical landscape.  We hope that you will join us in the celebration and release of Algorhythm Trio’s debut album, Triptych.