Fina Dupa - Give It Back

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Give It Back

  • Release date: 2008-01-15
  • Label: Luxuryville

Here are a few great tracks from “Give it Back”:

  1. 1

    Untie Give It Back

  2. 2

    Black Mamba Give It Back

    Black Mamba
  3. 3

    Alligator Give It Back

  4. 4

    Bubbler Give It Back

  5. 5

    It Is What It Is Give It Back

    It Is What It Is
  6. 6

    Sarpe Give It Back


This is the CD I’ve been craving. Give it Back is what’s missing from musicianship. The album is a study in virtuosity that helps us recall when music writing and playing was an art form. The influences are myriad and eclectic – you can hear hints of the Police, some styling of Garage Mahal, and a nice flavoring of Steely Dan. Among the many highlights, opening the album with that infectious bass grove that leads into “Untie” sets the tone. “Alligator” has an urban jazz fusion vibe with the kind of lyrics that helps one recall Steely Dan. The guitar solo on Jaco is a memorable one.
Christopher T. Tombari, via

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