Air Tight Experiment - Axiomatic

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  • Release date: 2010-05-04
  • Label: Luxuryville

The groundbreaking third release from Air Tight Experiment defines the future of alternative rock fusion.

  1. 1

    Keep on Rockin' Air Tight Experiment

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    Keep on Rockin'
  2. 2

    In Your Eyes Air Tight Experiment

    In Your Eyes
  3. 3

    Photograph Air Tight Experiment

  4. 4

    Stumblin' Air Tight Experiment

  5. 5

    Rescue Me Air Tight Experiment

    Rescue Me
  6. 6

    Eyes Closed Air Tight Experiment

    Eyes Closed
  7. 7

    Lonely Friends Air Tight Experiment

    Lonely Friends
  8. 8

    Goin' Home Air Tight Experiment

    Goin' Home
  9. 9

    Dr. Brazil Air Tight Experiment

    Dr. Brazil
  10. 10

    Detuned Air Tight Experiment


If Grunge music is still alive in 10 years, Axiomatic is a sample of what we have to look forward to. Air Tight Experiment resurrects that minor-note-heavy, gloomy feel of early nineties Alternative Rock, but this time it’s electronically charged.

As the man behind the guitars, keys, bass and beats, Devon Kurzweil is the heart of the band. It can be argued that his use of delays and reverb may have been a bit overused, but you can’t deny his musical ability. Let’s just say, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kurzweil’s guitar was in need of a tune-up after some of those dominating solos.

Some pleasant twists are also thrown in along the way with songs like “In Your Eyes,” the wah-pedal-happy Reggae attempt, or “Dr. Brazil,” which starts off as bass-heavy Rock and about halfway through transforms into a fast-paced Latin dance tune. Guest appearances of Matt White and his smooth sax weren’t a bad call, either. Despite the mediocre lyrics and some overly produced tracks, this duo may be the start of a new side of Rock music.

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