1. Release date: 15-May-2018 A Glitch in the Matrix Learn more

  2. Release date: 07-Oct-2016 Fractalized Reflections Learn more

  3. Dubtronica cover art

    Release date: 21-Oct-2014 Luxuryville Presents: Dubtronica, Vol. 1 Learn more

  4. Release date: 28-Jan-2014 Triptych ep Learn more

  5. Air Tight Experiment - Delusions of Grandeur

    Release date: 30-Jul-2013 Delusions of Grandeur Learn more

  6. Are You Happy Now

    Release date: 30-Aug-2011 Are You Happy Now Learn more

  7. Notion-The Peak-Grunge Alt-Rock

    Release date: 03-Jan-2011 The Peak Learn more

  8. Air Tight Experiment - Axiomatic

    Release date: 04-May-2010 Axiomatic Learn more

  9. Fina Dupa - Give It Back

    Release date: 15-Jan-2008 Give It Back Learn more

  10. Fina Dupa - The Booty EP

    Release date: 23-May-2005 The Booty EP Learn more

  11. Air Tight Experiment - Rollin'

    Release date: 23-May-2003 Rollin’ Learn more

  12. Air Tight Experiment - These Go To Eleven

    Release date: 30-Apr-2001 These Go To Eleven Learn more