• Steve Vai rocks Generation Axe!

    Steve Vai rocks Generation Axe!

  • Yngwie F-ing Malmsteen!

    Yngwie F-ing Malmsteen!

  • Eric Johnson & Mike Stern!

    Eric Johnson & Mike Stern!

  • Jane’s Addiction at VooDoo Fest

    Jane’s Addiction at VooDoo Fest

  • Roy Hargrove at Telluride Jazzfest

    Roy Hargrove at Telluride Jazzfest

  • Public Enemy at Ogden Theatre

    Public Enemy at Ogden Theatre

  • Trombone Shorty at Tipitina’s

    Trombone Shorty at Tipitina’s

  • Jazz & Heritage Stage, Jazzfest New Orleans

    Jazz & Heritage Stage, Jazzfest New Orleans

  • Galactic at New Orleans Jazzfest

    Galactic at New Orleans Jazzfest

  • Fina Dupa rocks out at The Fox!

    Fina Dupa rocks out at The Fox!

  • Local talent in Cabo San Lucas

    Local talent in Cabo San Lucas





Denver, CO – February 20, 2018 – Denver based jazz group Algorhythm Trio is set to kick off the springtime with their new record, A Glitch in the Matrix, the band’s first national release.  With influences ranging from Miles to McBride to Mike Stern to Mahavishnu, Algorhythm Trio has contributed a unique blend of creative energy to the jazz world with A Glitch in the Matrix. The music showcases many different genres, from straight-ahead jazz to 70’s fusion jazz, allowing the players to stretch their imaginations both singularly and collectively.  It is apparent in the styling of the music that they are beyond the average jazz group; Algorhythm Trio is a modern jazz trio that consistently delivers ear-catching appeal.  We hope that you will join us in the celebration and release of Algorhythm Trio’s first national release, A Glitch in the Matrix.

Air Tight Experiment–Fractalized Reflections Is Officially Here!

It’s finally here.  The long awaited fifth album from Air Tight Experiment, Fractalized Reflections, is officially ready for your enjoyment.  Eleven killer tracks, showcasing everything from electronic, rock, jazz, reggae, world and even acoustic music will capture your consciousness from the first drum hit.  The album is full of incredible vocal and guitar production, as well as the tasty creative melodic interplay between the two.  The lyrical ideas represent an homage to higher realms, positive vibes and a deep realization of one’s surroundings.  Guitar fans will appreciate the attention to detail; there is some really solid work all around the album.  The overall feel of the work is very creative, dreamy and has a nice groove undertone for those of us who like to move around.  All in all, the best Air Tight Experiment work to date (imho).

Take a listen for yourself:



Air Tight Experiment set to release their 5th album–“Fractalized Reflections”




OCTOBER 7, 2016

 I’ve been digging the Air Tight Experiment disc you gave me, I think it sounds great and real nice songs. I think compositionally this disc is real strong, every song has something I like so I seem to gravitate to different songs for different reasons. Great Job.  –Brian Nevin, Big Head Todd

Denver, CO – July 12, 2016 – Denver based alt-rock fusion group Air Tight Experiment is set to close the summer with their newest record, Fractalized Reflections, the band’s  fifth  national release.

With influences ranging from Maroon 5 to U2 to Foo Fighters to Bruno Mars, Air Tight Experiment has once again raised the bar on modern alternative rock fusion.  There is always a little something for everyone in their sound.  The music glides through many different genres with amazing harmonies, tasty guitar riffs and intelligently composed song arrangements.  It is apparent in the styling of the music that they are beyond the average rock group; Air Tight Experiment is a modern alt-rock fusion band that consistently delivers ear-catching appeal.

With the over abundance of “cookie cutter” rock music that has seemed to infiltrate today’s music scene, Air Tight Experiment add both color and refreshing talent to today’s musical landscape.  We hope that you will join us in the celebration and release of Air Tight Experiment’s fifth national release, Fractalized Reflections.

Snarky Puppy barks it up at the Ogden Theater

These guys are good.  I just saw their set at Jazzfest (New Orleans) and I have to say that I was impressed enough to see them again within the month.  The collective, which is as large as 40 musicians (although touring with only 8-15), was in full force at the Ogden Theater performing to a sold out crowd.  They performed many of their classic jams, like “What About Me?”, “Sleeper” and “Lingus”.  “Shofukan” was the closer (per usual lately) and they came back out to perform a 25 minute encore with Adam Deitch sitting in on drums for the last number.

The band’s compositions are very creative and at times extremely complex; however, they are also filled with great grooves and motifs that are enjoyable to listen to.  There are a host of different time signatures, syncopated riffs and tempo modulations.  One of the most awesome things to watch is the band’s ability to hit different syncopated accents over the same repeating odd time signatures and/or odd number of measures.  Obviously, someone has to count to pull this stuff off–but it’s even hard to do when just listening from the crowd!  You can tell that everyone in the band was a star music student.  I was continually amazed at the seamless connection between band leader Micheal League (on bass) and drummer Larnell Lewis.  If you ever get a chance to go see these guys, do it!

RIP Prince!!!

Heaven is most certainly psyched to have you up there my brother.  Yet another legend passes away to soon.  “Purple Rain” is an album that I was first introduced to in 4th grade, and an album that I still cherish today.  Over the years Prince has produced so many hits, with so many artists–as a both a writer and musician–his catalog rivals The Beatles and Michael Jackson.  His musicianship, whether playing one of twenty different instruments, producing studio hits, or performing live is unmistakable.  I was always personally amazed at how well he played the guitar.  It is sad to see him go, and he will be missed by many.

Generation Axe shreds it up at The Paramount!

What do you get when you put Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Zakk Wylde, Nuno Bettencourt and Tosin Abasi all on one stage?  Enough jaw-dropping fusion metal guitar to make your head explode!  This was one hell of a concert.  Tosin kicked things off with his uniquely styled 8-string metal guitar technique.  Nuno followed him up with a little bit of solo material (‘Flight of the Wounded Bumblebee’ was insane) and a few classic Extreme tunes.  Zakk joined Nuno for a couple songs, and then went out into the audience for some ass-kicking behind the head guitar jamming.  He covered ‘Whipping Post’ as his closer, then introduced one of my all-time favorite guitar heros: Yngwie Fucking Malmsteen.  Yep, Yngwie was back in full force and lighting it up like no tomorrow.

It was at this point that the entire show went up like a hundred notches (imho).  Yngwie’s playing was flawless, laying down line after line of neo-classical madness from classics like ‘Trilogy Suite’ and ‘Icarus Dream Suite’.  Steve Vai appeared next, delving into some newer ‘String Theory’ material, as well as some old Vai favorites from various solo albums.  He played several seven-string axes–my favorite was his awesome light bright glowing fret dots guitar.  It was classic Steve Vai whammy insanity at its best, complete with his flurried tapping technique and tasty melodic minor jazz-metal riffs.  Vai, Wylde, Bettencourt and Abasi all appeared on stage afterwards, killing it on their cover of ‘Frankenstein’.  They invited the “Viking” back on stage for one last number–Deep Purple’s ‘Highway Star’–and I’m sure Richie Blackmore was smiling, wherever he was at.  All in all, it was a night to remember, and one you’re not likely to see very often.  Guitarists–if you have an opportunity to see this show, go see it!!

Denver Broncos win the Superbowl!

Thanks to Peyton, Vaughn, and the rest of the gang for beating the shit out of the Carolina Panthers in Superbowl 50.  So great to have the Lombardi trophy back home after 18 years!  Special big ups to the defense for knocking kitty Cam Newton on his ass for the entire game!  CONGRATULATIONS BRONCOS!!